A Busy B Week

What a busy week we have had on our Letter of the Week shelf with the letter b. So many of us brought items from home to share. We had Barney, buses, Buzz Lightyear,  balloons, bees, bags, bulldozers, Batman masks, bikes and many more b things on display. It is great that so many of us are finding items at home to bring along to show.

Making our letter of the week


Hockey Skills

Room 6 had 4 sessions with a coach from Hockey Manawatu. We learnt how to hold the hockey stick with our left hand at the top of the stick and our right, further down. We played fun hockey skills games and we enjoyed trying to score goals against each other. 

We are Art Smart in Room 6!

At Winchester School we talk about Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and how every person develops different intelligences to different levels.

One of these intelligences is visual/spatial - we call this Art Smart.

In Room 6 we have been Art Smart in lots of ways and our walls are starting to look great.

Often our artworks are related to our alphabet letter of the week.  Can you work out some of the letters we have already focussed on?

Folk Dancing Fun

We had a great time learning our folk dances with the Junior Team and then showing them off to all our friends and family members who came along to watch us perform.

Our class performed two dances by ourselves:  Carnavalito which is a line dance from South America and Circus Horses which is from the Netherlands. For Circus Horses we had to learn to walk, trot and gallop like a horse.

We did a fantastic job of our Jump Jam songs - Witch Doctor and Kotahitanga.

We enjoyed finishing with the Bird Dance and so many Mums and Dads joined us in dancing.
We are all so Body Smart! 
We are fast learners as some of us had only had a couple of days at school before the performance!

More Life Education Fun

Towards the end of Harold and Tim's visit we all got to go into the hall and amazingly a life-sized Harold joined us in there.

We had lots of fun with Harold recapping our learning about the brain and other body parts and also doing the personality haka. The whole school did a fantastic job together.

We loved our time with the Life Education van and learning all about how amazing our bodies are!

Visiting the Life Education Bus

First thing on Friday morning we headed to the Life Education bus to learn all about our body and how we can keep it happy and healthy. Our class was the very first class to visit at Winchester School.

We learnt about different parts of our bodies like our brains, our heart and our lungs. We learnt how important their jobs are. We even learnt about our digestive system and practiced saying some very big words like oesophagus and large intestine.

Meeting Harrold and singing with him and Tim was so much fun.

We know lots about our body and how we can help it to be at its best. We look forward to another visit to the Life Education classroom again.